Monday, March 28, 2011

Using Social Media in Your Job Search

By Dolores Seright, CPC

“It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” You’ve heard it a hundred times, and it is still very true and very important in your job search. Networking using social media can help you in your job search. Imagine multiplying the people in your network 10 times, 100 times or more. The Internet and social media have made this possible, and today’s savvy women are learning to use such tools to their advantage.

Today’s employers expect you to have a presence on social media websites, and increasing numbers of employers are using them to recruit and to advertise for employees. Most employers also check social media websites to learn more about you before extending a job offer.

Which Websites Should I Use?

  • Facebook: has grown from simply being a website where people can build a network of friends and family to share information and pictures. With more than 500 million members, it is now used by companies to promote products and connect on a more personal level with their client base. Facebook can be used to connect people with common interests. It is a great place to make friends to support you in your job search and introduce you to other people who may know about job openings in your field.
  • BranchOut: is a career networking application on Facebook that just launched recently. It allows access to career data for your friends and their friends and gives you opportunity to make important connections within many companies.
  • LinkedIn: is a website for professional networking with more than 90 million members. You can use LinkedIn to publish your professional profile, post your resume, invite people to recommend you and establish a network of professional contacts. LinkedIn is widely used by recruiters to find qualified people and is an excellent way to connect and exchange information about employment opportunities.
  • Twitter: is a website used to share information in 140 characters or less. Many people are not aware that many companies are now using Twitter to post job openings. You can join Twitter and “follow” companies you are interested in to hear about employment opportunities very quickly.
  • YouTube: is a website that can be used to post your video resume or watch recruiting videos about companies you are interested in.
  • Glassdoor: is a source for inside information about companies posted by current and former employees. You can join and ask questions about companies and get helpful info about job openings and more from people who know the answers.

How Do I Use Social Media Effectively?

  • Have a Strategy For Each Website
  • Decide which social media website will be the best platform for you to use.
  • Determine your specific goals for each site.
  • Develop a plan to connect with the right people to help you in your search.
  • Make a commitment to spend a specific amount of time daily using social media.
  • Develop a winning resume that highlights your skills and accomplishments.
  • Tell all your friends and connections you are job searching if you are unemployed.
  • Be sure you have the correct privacy settings for each website if you are currently employed and considering a change in careers or employers.
  • Research potential companies and look for connections within your network.
  • Ask for introductions to employees of prospective employers in your field.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Due to the economy, many people are in the same situation.
  • Join groups in your field of interest on Facebook and LinkedIn. Write “posts” to showcase your expertise and gain credibility. People will remember you and help you.
  • “Like” companies on Facebook you want to work for to stay current on what is happening with the company. You may hear about expansions or opportunities more quickly.
  • Communicate with people so they get to know you.

It may seem overwhelming if you are new to social media, so just get started and learn one step at a time. Be consistent and committed in your journey to new skills and a successful job search, and share your success!

Dolores Seright, CPC, is a certified professional coach and her passion is teaching people the skills they need to pursue their passion, become an expert in their field and excel in their business. Her experience as a regional business director for a corporation combined with her experience as a business owner gives her a unique ability to understand the challenges you face and work with you to achieve higher levels of success. Dolores also volunteers as a career coach at Fresh Start in Phoenix and facilitates workshops on job searching in today’s marketplace. Learn more about Dolores at and connect with her at

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