Friday, May 20, 2011

Get To Know Our Presenter: Pamela Slim

She's a master career coach. A mother. An award-winning author. A scientist. A leader of the High Council of Jedi Knights.

She’s lived in four countries. Speaks four languages. She whips people in shape in martial arts room and in the workplace.

Please get to know the superhero—and Fresh Start Career Invention presenter—we know and love as Pamela Slim:

With more than 21,000 Twitter followers, Pam is the epitome of personal branding, a topic of which her book, Escape from Cubicle Nation, talks a lot about. The book, movement and community ( were based on her experience moving from “corporate prisoner to thriving entrepreneur” 15 years ago. She likes to say that she spent many years working with “smart people in corporate environments” that felt “out of place” and “suffocated.”

She fell in love with being her own boss as a contractor for Hewlett-Packard and went on to create “Ganas,” a consulting company named after the Spanish word meaning “inner motivation” and “drive.” Ganas brought her projects helping multi-million dollar companies through various corporate transitions, and now, through her work in Escape from Cubicle Nation, Pam helps individuals make the transition from corporate employee to budding entrepreneur.

This is the idea behind Pam’s Fresh Start e-learning course: Career Invention. Pam believes that the world of work has "blown up," and there are new rules we all need to embrace and apply in order to be a thriving employee, contractor, freelancer, entrepreneur and so on.

One such rule is creating a personal brand. In our Twitterview (@wehelpwomen) with Pam (@PamSlim) this week, Liz Froment (@LFroment) asked, “Should all side projects be bundled under your ‘personal brand’ or kept separate?”

To which Pam, a martial arts instructor of 10 years, replied, “I think everything you do falls under your personal brand - it is simply reflection of who you are.” Most would consider martial arts to be very separate to what Pam does on a daily basis, but on the contrary. Pam credits much of her coaching foundation to work she did with gang members through a non-profit martial arts organization in San Francisco. Met with every kind of I’m-not-going-listen-to-you-no-matter-what body language imaginable, Pam learned effective coaching techniques that she brings with her when walking into a room of corporate executives staring at her over the tops of their eyeglasses.

Learn how to harness your passions and even turn them into a side or full-time business! In her Fresh Start Career Invention course, Pam will show you how to apply the new rules to your career and ways to take advantage of the modern-day tools that this new world of work has to offer.

Take this course today by becoming a Fresh Start Community member:

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