Friday, January 13, 2012

Speak No Evil, Read No Evil, Write No Evil

By: Dr. Ellen Diana, Ph.D., Psychologist &
Co-Author of the
Charge Up Your Life series of books

Make the resolution of positivity this New Year!

Michael A Stusser’s article, Speak No Evil, Tweet No Evil, in the January edition of Shambala Sun Magazine offers food for thought in this time of New Year’s resolutions. A humor columnist, Stusser makes his living through sarcasm and satire, which leaked into his personal life and affected his relationships.

He made a commitment not to speak, hear, or tweet evil for four weeks, a daunting task, with interesting results. He used the “four gates of speech” as his guidelines – before speaking determine if the statement is true, is kind, is necessary, and if it’s the right moment to say it.

One day, Stusser complimented every person he met and found people opening up to him and sharing in unexpected ways. He learned that negativity breeds distrust, withdrawal, and disdain while positivity yields honesty, optimism, and community.

Notice how often you are drawn to negativity: tempted to make the unkind remark, entertained by the story that mocks another individual, or drawn to websites and television programs that criticize and ridicule. Consider that the quality of your life is determined by the elements in it: if negativity is a big ingredient, then you are apt to feel anxious, angry, and sad. A life where positive thoughts, feelings, and actions predominate has the potential to yield more security, harmony, and joy.

Take Michael Stusser’s experiment one step further and reflect back on your activities, day by day. Notice how your feelings match your thoughts and actions. At the end of the day, take a few moments to jot down your observations. Notice…

• Who you spoke to and what you said
• Your browsing history
• Your thoughts about people and situations
• TV programs you watched
• Emails you sent and received

Rate your days on a scale from 1-5 for positive content and for positive feelings. Notice the match! Days with high positive content will yield a higher degree of positive feelings.

Add "increase the positive" to your list of New Year's resolutions and allow more love, happiness, and success into your life.

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About the Author:
Ellen Diana is a licensed psychologist, co-author of the Charge up Your Life Book Series and certified school psychologist with 30 years’ experience working with children, adults, couples, and families in schools and in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona. She has published a number of articles in scholarly journals on psychology and education, and co-authored five self-help books in the Charge Up Your Life series. Helping women to evolve into their best selves through personal growth and self-awareness is a passion of hers. Ellen raised three successful children as a single parent and so has special interests in mentoring other women in transition and helping parents to raise resilient children. Contact Ellen at or through her website

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