Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get Noticed at Work!

By Dolores Seright, Certified Professional Coach & Author of Shattering Barriers: Amazing Women's Journeys to Personal Empowerment

Are you ready to take the next step up your corporate career ladder or just position yourself to ask for a raise? Do you just want to feel more appreciated by your employer? Are you falling behind your peers, watching them receive the recognition and promotions, while you work hard without the rewards?

Getting noticed for the work you do and the value you bring to your team and your company is the key to advancing in your career, gaining your next promotion, or getting the raise you deserve. Taking the right steps to build your reputation requires planning. It requires making a decision to let your light shine and to market “you” and the value you bring to your company. Yes, you will have to market “you”. We are all salespeople, regardless of our title, and who is better qualified to promote the value you bring to your company than you.

Here are the steps you can take to get noticed at work:

Always Be Professional

Your attitude, your actions and your appearance will demonstrate to everyone at your company your readiness to move to a higher level of responsibility. Be observant of what you say and gain a reputation as someone who supports and respects others and the company you work for. Be certain that you would never be embarrassed to see your actions or activities on Facebook or YouTube. Dress for the role you desire to achieve and be recognized as a leader.

Take the Initiative

Observe and study company procedures and team functions that are within your area of responsibility. Look for opportunities to increase productivity or positively improve team interaction. Take the initiative to make suggestions that make the job easier and more effective for everyone, and you will get noticed very quickly as a person who brings value to the team and the company.

Constantly Increase Your Skill and Expertise

The internet makes it easy and inexpensive to keep informed about the changes and innovations in every field. Investing in yourself is one of the most important investments you will ever make. You will get noticed when your employer recognizes that your knowledge and expertise allows you to provide input and make suggestions that contribute to the success of your company.

Communicate Effectively

Getting your message delivered with skill includes both written and verbal communication. Take the time to review all written documents, including emails, for spelling and grammatical errors before you send. Organize your thoughts before presenting them in a meeting or a one-on-one session with your boss. Presenting your suggestions with confidence in a clear, concise way will help you gain respect and attention as someone who is serious about achieving more and bringing value to the company.

Meet People Outside of Your Immediate Team

The corporate world today seldom operates in individual divisions. Interaction between all areas is a key to corporate success, and it is a key to your personal success. Make connections with successful individuals throughout the organization and develop strong relationships with these people. As they move to roles of greater responsibility, they will be in a position to mentor and sponsor you.

Keep Current with Technology

Technology is changing daily. Research the new options available and develop a strategy to incorporate technology that can increase your productivity or bring some value to your team or your company.


Be the first to volunteer for special projects or committees. If you have the skills and the confidence, you will be appreciated and recognized as someone who contributes to the growth of your organization.

Document Your Accomplishments

Develop a file to record your individual achievements and testimonials. This simple step will be invaluable to you at performance appraisal time. When you set down with your boss to review your performance, you will be able to quickly establish the contributions you have made to the organizations and put yourself in the position of asking for a promotion or a raise.

Discuss Your Goals with Your Boss

Never make the assumption that your boss knows what you want. Make an appointment to discuss your career goals and get advice on developing an action plan for you to follow. Schedule a time to review your progress.

Observe and learn from the people in your organization who are achieving success and moving up the corporate ladder. As you develop your personal strategy to get noticed, take the time to write out your goals and constantly review them. As you implement your strategy, be confident in your actions and enjoy the success that will soon be yours.

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About the Author
Dolores Seright is a professional speaker, author and coach. She left a successful corporate career after facing devastating Stage III breast cancer diagnosis in 2005 and is now a cancer survivor. She is a certified professional coach and her passion is teaching women the skills to move beyond the obstacles holding them back from achieving their personal and business success. She is an experienced coach and specializes in personal success development and mastering sales strategies.

Dolores volunteers as a career coach and conducts training workshops at Fresh Start Women's Foundation in Phoenix, AZ.

Shattering Barriers: Amazing Women's Journeys to Personal Empowerment is her first book. This book is currently available on Amazon.com.

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