Friday, June 22, 2012

Dress Professional & Stay Cool

By Diane McLelland, Our Resident Fashionista

Everywhere you look, you see bright colors this summer season. Colors like hot pink, tangerine, and watermelon have been showing up on shoes and summer dresses, and in some cases, together! According to the website, ‘Color Blocking’ is a trend we’re seeing a lot of lately; essentially, it is taking bold, opposite colors (complementary colors) from the color wheel (yes, the same one we learned about as kids!), and pairing them together for a contrast. Now, that’s bold!
Bright pink and orange, or aqua and lime green can make great color combinations. For the ‘faint of heart’, or those who are accustomed to ‘matching’, add a lightweight patterned scarf to your neck or even waist to tie the two colors together. Or, try a pair of espadrilles or platform sandals with multi-colored wedges; they’re big this season, and can be found just about everywhere. Colored jeans are still a huge trend, and are still being featured in most fashion forward magazines.  Many of the fabrics sold today are a cotton blend, affording comfort and durability.
Another big color trend for this summer is mint green, believe it or not! It’s also showing up as a hot new nail color, as are most of the colors mentioned here.
Other colors you’ve probably spotted are bright yellows, hot pinks, bold blues- especially in sundresses, handbags and shoes. A visit to T.J. Maxx, Target, or your local mall will confirm that! Stripes are everywhere, but be sure they’re not horizontal if you’re trying to minimize ample hips or thighs.
Orange is making a comeback as well. Looking for a handbag to make a statement? Make it orange!
Don’t be afraid to experiment with color combinations. You can start by pairing a bright T-shirt or cotton blouse in one of these bright summer colors with a basic white or khaki gauze skirt or slacks, for example.  Those basics will never go out of style. So, stay cool this summer, and try a new bold color you haven’t yet tried!
Love the bold colors, butInterview and Office Attire= a more subdued and demure look…
While the summer fashions offer great style and comfort, please keep in mind that many offices still require professional attire-and, it’s especially important if you’re seeking employment, interviewing or submitting resumes in person. A sundress is not a professional look, nor is a tank top and gauze shorts, even if they graze the knee. A professional, dark suit or separates (slacks/skirt/blouse combinations in a black, gray or navy) are still required. Skip the jacket if you wish, but make certain your blouse is pressed, and not sleeveless or sheer. A bold, bright tone could appear too casual in a professional environment. Save the fun, trendy colors and casual fabrics for the weekends. That first impression with a potential employer will be a great one if you keep it professional!
About the Author:
Diane has been called fashionista from a young age, acquiring her love of fashion after enrolling in Sears Charm School as a young girl. After earning her degree in fashion merchandising & business she gained experience by appearing in movies, commercials and magazine layouts. She also worked as a flight attendant for 15 years and wrote for a well-known travel publication. Diane currently works with students to provide career advisement and loves to act as a personal shopper on the weekends for her friends and family.

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