Friday, April 19, 2013

Achieving Balance for Today's Woman

As successful woman, one of the things we must master is the art of balance. Balancing a

career with family, social and personal interests. Balancing the many roles we play as

entrepreneur and business owner. And while balance might seem like a luxury for those with

less on their to do lists, it’s actually quite essential for any woman striving for a sense of

happiness and contentment in life.

Women are naturally multifaceted with many different aspects to our being. We are also

holistic and integrated, meaning that there is an intricate and necessary balance between these

different parts of ourselves. Ever meet a woman who is thriving in her career, but without a rich

family or social life to balance her out? She often appears harsh, strained or stressed. Or ever

meet a woman who’s creative impulses go unnoticed even while she is successful in her

career? She often seems angry, bitter and lacks a true sense of passion.
While women are natural multitaskers, there is definitely a difference between the balancing act of
juggling a zillion balls in the air and life flowing with balance and harmony.  There’s this classic
coaching tool called the Wheel of Balance and I frequently use it when talking to women about
achieving balance. It’s a great visual representation of this very abstract concept.

What the Wheel demonstrates is that balance is the interconnection of all the different aspects

of who we are. I invite you to take a moment and consider how balanced your wheel is.
Put a number from 0 - 10 in each category of how fulfilled you feel in that area of your life. Do you
have a nice, well rounded wheel? Or is it lopsided with all of your time and energy focused in one or

two areas? Do you have pieces of your wheel that feel blocked or stuck? Here are few tips to

get your happy and balanced wheel on the road!

Consider your Whole Wheel

It may seem challenging and overwhelming to consider, but each and every area of your wheel

needs your attention and focus. If we focus on just one or two areas of our lives, we often feel

like something is missing. When we neglect certain parts of ourselves, we feel unhappy and

unfulfilled. Neglecting health, affects relationships. Focusing too much on on work, creates a

deficit in hobbies and interests.

However, each area does not have to be attended to in the same way or at the same level. We

all go through different stages and phases in life when certain aspects of ourselves are

developing, evolving and maturing. It’s OK to allow a certain part of your life to take center stage

for a bit. Just don’t completely neglect the other parts in the process.

Embrace the Art of Allowing

Years ago in my early twenties, when I first started doing yoga, I thought my goal should be to

achieve a zen like, perfect state of peace and harmony each and every moment of the day. In

my efforts to approach every situation with calmness and serenity, I ended up completely

stressing myself out! One of the most important discoveries I made at that time, is that balance

is not a static point.

Let’s face it, life can be challenging, unpredictable, overwhelming and stressful at times. And if

we are trying to manage, control or fix things to maintain a sense of balance, than we are

missing the mark entirely. Sometimes balance has a natural course which demands that we let

go and allow for life to be imperfectly perfect. Maybe there’s some part of your wheel where

letting go will bring you more balance?

Expect Balance to Change

Several years later when my yoga practice was now a regular part of my life, I studied the

ancient art of Chinese Five Element Theory. It is a modality of energy and medicine that is over

5,000 years old and rich with metaphors and insights for our modern life. Five Element Theory

advocates that balance is created by the interrelatedness of the five elements. And that these

elements are perpetually in a state of motion they are never static or solid or still always

in motion.

Balance is achieved within the natural ebb and flow and harmony of these five elements. How

revolutionary that, at times, balance can actually look lopsided! In a moment, or for weeks and

months, your life might seem out of balance perhaps there’s a big project you’re working on or

your have a child going through a challenging time. These are not the times to determine that

your life is out of balance, but rather to flow with what’s in front of you. Balance is about

recognizing that everything is temporary and will ultimately change. Expecting change allows us

to relax and make any necessary adjustments throughout the process.

A balanced wheel will look different for each woman based on her unique personality, character

and life’s goals. Each of us have strengths and gifts in certain areas and other areas where

there are opportunities to develop. The process of finding balance is to recognize that all

aspects of our lives are interrelated and that interrelatedness is the very essence of balance


Named after the great archangel, Gabrielle Marie Loomis is a Messenger for our modern day world.  Through her work, she has helped hundreds of women connect with their own power to heal, love and shine brightly in the world.  With over fifteen years of training in energy psychology, manifestation techniques, metaphysics and holistic healing modalities, she has been described as a master coach, healer, medical intuitive, shaman, psychic, counselor and spiritual adviser.  But more than her training, it is her own personal experience of radical transformation that informs her work and allows her to awaken women to their feminine power and unique brilliance.  In addition to her private practice, which includes a variety of transformational programs, products and services, Gabrielle works on staff at an integrative wellness clinic and is a faculty member at the award winning college, The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  Her credentials include Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Lifeline Practitioner and Certified Life Coach.  She has been a featured guest on various radio shows including Hay House and Seaview radio.  She lives in Phoenix, AZ where she enjoys the mountains, sunshine and all that the Southwest has to offer.  To learn more visit

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