Monday, September 16, 2013

Upcycle Your Wardrobe!

Upcycling simply means reworking old fabric and materials – taking something that would otherwise be trash or headed to Goodwill and turning it into something of greater value, unique, and usable again!

It is also a really inexpensive way to learn to sew, get creative, and be more unique in your own style!

Here are some top tips to begin you on your upcycling journey!

Choose the garment for Upcycling Carefully
-          pick something that you no longer wear
-          pick a piece of clothing made from a fabric that you love
-          check the quality and condition before you start

Go Online
-          there is an absolute wealth of tutorials and videos online with top tips and step by step upcycling tutorials showing you how to make an entire project from start to finish from a puff sleeve, to a pair of pants

Start Simple
-          there is no need to be overambitious when starting out – why not begin with switching up the buttons on a favorite jacket, or re-hemming the sleeves for a ¾ length look…
-          Remember to keep any excess fabric, buttons, and elastic when you take apart pieces of clothing – these can be used for simple and quick upcycling projects like fabric belts!

-          If you have an old cardigan that you love but feel that it has seen better days then why not sew on some patches to the elbows, or embroider a pretty motif – the possibilities are endless when you get creative with embroidery and embellishments!

Dawn Antestenis currently works for Fresh Start Women's Foundation managing their websites and social media. Dawn has a Masters in English Literature and qualifications in Multimedia Technology and Non-Profit Management with experience working for non-profits for over 10 years.

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