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How to Take a Professional Headshot

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A professional headshot is as important as your resume. Regardless of the industry or sector you work in, it is vital that you have one.
So what should you think about for your photo?


Take a look at the professional headshots of individuals you admire in your industry. Does there seem to be a ‘standard’ approach to the images? This can help you visualize how you want your image to look.

Pick the right photographer

Ensure that you and your photographer are on the right page. Talk about your expectations before the shoot. Check out their portfolio and recommendations, and be clear with what you want your photo to be used for.

Inside or outside

Take time to decide between a professional photoshoot in a studio or something in a non-studio setting. What message do you want your headshot to convey?

The location

If you opt for a non-studio setting, scout out a location and decide between a ‘natural’ or ‘manmade’ setting. Your location could be relevant to your employment industry: for example, near a government building if you are interested in politics or a local beauty spot if your job takes you outdoors.


Think about what color palette you would like to have in your headshot. In my recent headshot, I opted for a strong blue cardigan and a white work shirt. The blue gave definition to the image, and worked well against my skin and hair tone. Practice a few outfits before your shoot, and make sure you take two to three options along with you.

Hair and make-up

Practice what style of hair and make-up you want for your headshot in the days leading up to the shoot. Neutral always works best and a simple hairstyle that doesn’t overpower the photograph is a good option.


For a professional image that you want to use on resumes and LinkedIn, a relaxed, natural pose is perfect. If you’re a creative person seeking a creative job, mix it up a little and consider using props relevant to your field to stand out from the crowd.

Where to use your image

Upload your image on all the social network platforms that you use, your resume and website.

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