Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Entrepreneurism Is...Freedom, Flexibility & Finances

By Tisha Marie Pelletier, founder of The Mom-e Club

Ask any mom entrepreneur why she chose to become a business owner and the answer most commonly heard is, "I wanted the freedom and flexibility to be able to have the best of both worlds - to never have to answer to anyone, but myself, and to share special moments with my children."

Sounds wonderful in theory, but what you don't hear is the other "F" in the equation...the "F" that can make or break it in the entrepreneurial world. 

How she is doing financially.

Is she able to keep her business and home afloat with her revenue?  Is she financially stressed that she doesn't know when she'll receive her next paycheck?  Is the stress affecting her marriage and her relationship with her children?  Does she have family or a supportive partner that can help her get through the rough patches in her business when finances are tight?

Like most things in life, being a mom entrepreneur or a working mom is a complete catch 22.  You either sacrifice being with your family for a job that pays the bills and/or goes to expensive full-time daycare where you see your children on weekends at best, or you take the entrepreneurial leap of faith, make memories with your family and figure out how best to support them with sometimes very little or no money coming in.

It's not an easy road to travel down, especially when the topic revolves around money.

As a mom entrepreneur, I deal with this issue, constantly.  It has been a topic of discussion between my husband and I on more occasions than I care to count.

In fact, he recently asked me if I was going to quit all of my businesses and go work for Southwest Airlines so we could get free flights.  Seriously?  Yes, seriously. 

So, do I give up everything I've worked hard for over 8 years for more financial stability and less time with my kiddos?  Or, do I give it my all, know that opportunities are limitless, and remember that no amount of money could ever take me away from watching my children grow up?  This is the time they need ME!

It is such a difficult and draining decision.  One so many mom entrepreneurs are challenged with.

When it all boils down, the right decision of whether to be a mom entrepreneur or a full-time employee depends on you and your family's situation, and providing the type of support they need from you, whether financially or physically.

Personally, my decision was entrepreneurism and to forego the steady paycheck, although on some days, steady does seem nice, but not all days.

I chose to focus my attention 100% on my children who need me more than ever (I have a 4 yr old son Caleb and an 11 month old daughter Ellie.)

I chose to learn firsthand that when business is doing well, it's not a free ticket to spend carelessly, but to prioritize my spending, and save for the slow months, which all entrepreneurs know, do come when least expected.  (It's why Groupon is my best friend.)

I chose to put faith in my ability, work harder than I ever have in my entire life and show my children that I want the freedom and flexibility even though my finances are a little, or maybe a lot, less desirable than others' bank accounts.  

But that's me.

Whatever your choice is, know that it is the right choice, no judgment passed, and that your decision to work for yourself or for someone else is not always your final answer.  It's okay to change your mind later down the road because we can.  Our gift is being able to adapt and take on challenges as they come one day at a time.  
Tisha thrives on being busy.  She is the owner of Simply Put Marketing as well as Details Event  Management, a full service marketing and event planning firm. 
Being a mom entrepreneur is something Tisha is extremely passionate about.  In March 2009, she launched a monthly networking group for mom entrepreneurs.  In September 2010, she expanded on the idea and founded The Mom-e Club to encourage, support and educate moms in every stage in their business.  The organization currently has chapters throughout Arizona and California. 
In November 2009, Tisha made the decision to put her passion and event planning ability to good use by creating an event that would celebrate mom entrepreneurs for their amazing talent and dedication.  Her first signature event, the “Mom Entrepreneur of the Year” was an expo, cocktail reception and dinner award ceremony held on Saturday, April 17, 2010 at the Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa in Arizona.  Tisha also debuted her first book When the Universe Throws a Curve Ball – How a mom entrepreneur went from disappointment to living her passion that same day.
Tisha’s goal is to continue planning the “Mom Entrepreneur Celebration” event every year while she continues to expand The Mom-e Club throughout the nation.  When she’s not assisting clients with their next big marketing project or upcoming event, Tisha spends time with her husband Sean, son Caleb, daughter Ellie, and boxer Diesel in their Gilbert, Arizona home.

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