Friday, January 11, 2013

A Winning Attitude Helps You Succeed

Make 2013 the year you look back on and say, “Wow, look at what I accomplished!” 
Huge numbers of people begin each New Year with resolutions to lose weight, earn more, get a promotion, eat healthier, exercise more, start a business, and the list goes on and on.  But it is so easy to fall back into old habits before the new ones have really formed.  Temptations are everywhere around us, and it is difficult to resist them when we are caught up in lives that demand so much of us to just get through some days.

You absolutely can make 2013 the year you look back on and say, “Wow, look at what I really did accomplish!”  Your first step is to begin to believe you really can accomplish your goals.  Instead of thinking of them as resolutions, which require willpower and determination, begin to think of what you want to achieve as the next step in your journey to the “you” you want to be, doing the work you want to do.  When you make that choice and decide to take action, you are on your way!  It’s easy in the very beginning to stick to your plan and begin to see results.  Then life always seems to throw obstacles in our path.  That’s when our attitude often stumbles, and we say to ourselves, “I guess I really can’t do this!”

Understand that it is not the obstacle or event that is getting in your way; it is your attitude towards the obstacle that makes the difference!   If you begin to envision yourself living in that new body, career, business and life, you will see opportunities come your way!  Begin to believe in the value of programming your attitude!   

Maintaining a positive attitude frequently means controlling the input you get.  Well-meaning friends or family say “Its’ impossible” or “why do you think you can do that”.  Don’t believe them!  In fact, don’t even listen to them!  Think about all the “impossible” things humans have accomplished.  The Wright brothers flew an airplane, astronauts walked on the moon, and doctors transplant hearts.  Belief always comes before accomplishment.  You must have total belief in your dream and your ability to do it.  You must develop the skills.  You must stop the negative input before it enters your ears or your heart and destroys your belief and with that, your dreams.

Is it easy?  Absolutely not!  Is it worth it?  Only YOU can decide!

What are you going to do today to move forward on your journey to a successful 2013?

Dolores Seright, CPC

The Shattering Barriers™ Expert

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