Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's My Thing?

Have you ever asked yourself the question - "What's my thing?"

Sometimes it might feel like everyone around you has a focus, a talent, something they excel at and love....everyone but you that is!

Firstly, you are not alone!  Most people around you who seem content and energized in their career, and happy with their life's focus didn't land there by accident.  Most people experience a time in their lives when they feel unfulfilled and confused as to where their place is in the world.

For a lot of people this feeling connects with their career.  Perhaps when they were younger they had a clear vision of which field they wanted to work in, however when they got there they realized it really wasn't for them.  So now what?

Perhaps one of the most important things to remind yourself of at regular intervals is that it is ok to have many passions and interests in your life - it doesn't mean you are unfocused!

Embrace the process of exploring all your passions and trying new interests, careers, and passions on for size as a positive process - one where you can learn.  So if you aren't already trying it why not join some workshops, volunteer, read books in a whole range of arenas.  You never know where this process will lead you.  Getting out there and trying new things increases your chances of finding your thing!

Good luck!

Dawn Antestenis currently works for Fresh Start Women's Foundation managing their websites and social media. Dawn has a Masters in English Literature and qualifications in Multimedia Technology and Non-Profit Management with experience working for non-profits for over 10 years.

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