Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Listening To Your Positive Inner Voice

The theme for the month of June 2013 is Starting Fresh: Back to School and is related to the Fresh Start June 9th event about women returning to school. The event is designed for women who are looking to go back to school, whether to pursue a complete degree program or just for one course.

If you’re considering going back to school, insecurities can arise about feeling competent, or good enough, to succeed. Low self-esteem can hold you back from being all that you have the potential to be.

Healthy self-esteem is the foundation of your life. Whether or not you succeed in reaching your goals depends on the level of your self-esteem. Feelings of low self-worth and low self-confidence can hold you back from having all the success that you desire in your life because unconsciously you feel that you don’t deserve it.

This is because the hallmark of healthy self-esteem is feeling deserving of having the good things in life, of meeting your goals, and being successful. Feeling deserving means you have an expectation that you’ll reach the goals you set if you put in the effort. If you don’t think you deserve to succeed in school and achieve your goals, then perhaps you are listening to your negative inner voice and you’ve tuned out your positive inner voice.

You have two internal voices, a positive voice and a negative voice. Each is available for you to listen to at any time. Your positive inner voice is focused on being encouraging, supportive, and nurturing. When you listen to your positive inner voice, you’ll hear statements like, “You can do it!” “Go for it!” “You’re a success!” or “You’ve got what it takes!”

Your negative inner voice is discouraging, critical, and shaming. When you listen to your negative inner voice, you’ll hear statements like, “You’ll never succeed!” “Be quiet, no one wants to hear what you have to say!” “You’re a failure!” or “You’re not smart enough!”

You can only listen to one of these voices at any time. It’s your choice which one you listen to and which one you tune out. If you find your insecurities surfacing, you’ll also hear your negative inner voice trying to get your attention. Recognize what is happening and take charge of your life. Turn down the volume on your negative inner voice in some tangible way. For example, pretend there’s a volume control on your ear and turn it down … lower … and lower … until you can no longer hear its negative words.

When you do this – just like magic – the volume on your positive inner voice will increase! It’s just waiting to be heard! Try it out when you are feeling discouraged about some aspect of going back to school. Recognize the voice that sends you the negative messages and – intentionally – turn it down. I guarantee you that your positive inner voice, the loving nurturing part of you that is related to healthy self-esteem, is ready to support you in reaching your goals.

Be all that you can be! Don’t settle for anything less than having all that you deserve in life.

You’re on the path to success when you set reasonable goals and are positive, nurturing, and supportive with yourself on your journey to accomplishing them.
Ellen Diana is a psychologist, author of the Lucky Dreamer Tip Series, and co-author of the Charge up Your Life series of self-help books. She has 30 years’ experience working with children, adults, couples, and families in schools and in private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. Helping women to evolve into their best selves through personal growth and self-awareness is a passion of hers. Ellen raised three successful children as a single parent and so has special interests in mentoring other women in transition and helping parents to raise resilient children. Contact Ellen at or through her website

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