Thursday, June 6, 2013

What skills do you have that makes you different from others?

To have accomplishment in what you do, you must love what you do, and when you enjoy what you do, you can develop, making creative use of your abilities, and thus making a difference.

            What is skill?

Skill is the ability to do something well, with dexterity and without difficulty. However, we were accustomed to focus our energies on things or school subjects that we have not yet mastered, forgetting to enhance and exercise activities and actions that we are already good at. Thus, it is clear that all our training is focused on our shortcomings, and not on our abilities (what we do best).

We are accustomed to hear in our childhood, our parents saying what not to do. Our behaviors and attitudes are guided to prohibitions. Example: you can not hit, you can not talk while eating, you can not go to bed too late, etc. The number of prohibitions is so great that it we forget to notice what we do best, our talents and skills.

The fact is that, accustomed to hearing about our deficiencies, exacerbated by things we can not do or do not know, we get used to seeing only the flaws in our life, forgetting to look inside and realize that we have something good skills we have developed that differentiate us from others, making us special. With this, the first skill that we must have is the ability to change our minds (how we think), and review our history.

A skill is a talent in construction, it is the act of developing what we have to offer. It is a practice that should be discovered, observed and trained, and our talents should be used as the basis for our abilities,. Talent is most useful when it becomes a skill that has recognition and value.

The difference is not in the talent you have, but in how we use it, turning it into skill. Everyone has a talent and potential, however not all of us are able to achieve effective results in the career. The difference is in the management of these talents and in the skills development.

How to develop your skills?

First, you should identify what you do best. Take note of actions and activities that you perform with skill. Take opportunities to enhance these skills daily.  

Key points:.
-  Do not focus on your learning difficulties, but rather the talents that you have;
-  Be clear in your values ​​and purposes in order to define your goals;
-  Be open to new experiences, always seeking new perspectives;
-  Invest time in your personal development.

In a very practical and objective way, make a list of skills that you believe you have. Ask your family or friends, to list the main activities that you do best, and then compare these two lists. Use both  to better understand, and improve your talents.

A skill is a patrimony that we need to manage competently. If you manage skills, you are managing your career process.

 Daniela Silva is married, Brazilian, and currently resides in Sao Paulo, where she works in her home office with research and projects in education and the third sector.  Graduated in Pedagogy, she has qualifications in: Pedagogy and school management business.  And an MBA in Managing People. 

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