Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Develop Strategies for the Implementation of your Goals

Strategy refers to the way we organize our plan of work, and is directly linked to our action. It´s in the strategy that the activities of the work are detailed, giving us information about how the activity is performed, and in which way we wish to reach the goal.

            In our daily tasks, strategy formulation is essential because it lays out the steps required, and outlines what we still have to do to achieve our goals.
            A good strategy should take into consideration, the following points:
·         An examination and analysis of the activity you want to develop;
·         Strengths and purpose of the activity;
·         Whether the task is really viable for the moment;
·     Question the main benefits that this action will bring, and which people will be involved
·         The risks and limitations related in the development of the activity

     Strategy is a key step in goal setting, because it´s through development of a strategy that  guidelines to achieving our goals are determined. A strategy is action based: what to do; when to do it and who will complete the tasks. Remember, the practice of strategy is constant, and any strategy needs to be monitored and adjusted when necessary.So take a moment to think of a goal.  Now what is your strategy to make this goal a reality?

Daniela Silva is married, Brazilian, and currently resides in Sao Paulo, where she works in her home office with research and projects in education and the third sector.  Graduated in Pedagogy, she has qualifications in: Pedagogy and school management business.  And an MBA in Managing People.

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