Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dressing for an Interview on a Budget

By Dawn Antestenis, Fresh Start

Maybe it’s been a while since your last interview – your old clothes no longer fit, or are looking a little bit out of date and tired.  You know this interview is your chance to make a positive impression but money is tight.  What to do?

Well there are a few things you can do for free that are perhaps the most important Dos when it comes to dressing to impress:

•    Make sure whatever you are wearing is clean, pressed, with no rips or marks – this shows you know what is appropriate and that you have made an effort
•    Wear neutral tones – easier to accessorize, and ensures you don’t look too flashy
•    Make sure whatever you are wearing actually fits you – too tight will make you feel uncomfortable, too baggy and you won’t look professional
•    Keep your look simple – an elegant accessory will show you know how to dress appropriately and will smarten up an old interview outfit already hanging in your closet

Now for some steps you can take that don’t cost a lot but will transform your interview outfit:

•    Accessorize – Keep it simple, elegant and appropriate.  A new scarf or necklace will smarten up an old outfit that you already have and make you feel more prepared and dressed appropriately – ready to shine!
•    New shoes – Investing in a quality pair of shoes in a neutral tone will smarten up and outfit and make you feel a million dollars
•    Alter the clothes you have – changing the hem on a skirt or shortening the sleeves on a well loved jacket gives you a whole new outfit.  Changing the buttons on a jacket can cost very little but smarten up your look!
•    Invest in an Attractive Document Folder – If a briefcase is too expensive invest in an attractive document folder – leather if possible – you can now carry your papers and look professional – while on a budget!

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