Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flow of Abundance

By Gabrielle Loomis

Ahh, abundance - isn’t that a topic on everyone’s mind!?  Aren’t most of us searching for how to have more abundance or how to feel more abundant in our lives?  I love the concept of abundance because for me, it includes not only the physical manifestation of money or flow, but also the experience and emotions of it.  And both of them are equally important!  

Let’s take for example someone who has a lot of money, but lives in a constant state of fear or stress or angst about it.  How helpful is that?  Similarly, there are many people who understand and know that we live in an abundant universe, but cannot seem to translate that into the physical manifestation of money.  Is that any better?  

Either way, we are in a state of imbalance around abundance and the place I believe we are all striving to get to, is where we feel empowered around abundance.  What exactly does it mean to be empowered around abundance?  It means that we understand the laws of the Universe,  recognize our true power and potential and have tools to create or manifest what we need.  

Does this describe your experience?  It wasn’t mine!  For many years, I very much wanted more abundance but just couldn’t seem to put all the pieces together to make that happen.  And when I did, I was still full of fear!  My experience has transformed significantly over the years and I have a lot of gratitude as abundance has been a great teacher.  And I always say, once you transform one area of your life, you now have a template and foundation to transform any area.  And money is certainly a great place to start!

Today I want to share with you some steps you can take to attract more flow into you life.  But first, let’s talk about what happens for most of us when there appears to be a lack of abundance in our lives.  Whether we experience a shortage of cash, lose a job or have unexpected expenses, the most common, immediate reaction is to move into a state of fear.  When we do, we contract physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and then experience the corresponding effects such as high blood pressure, headaches, racing thoughts, and feelings of fear, pressure, panic, etc.

The first practice and one of the most effective contraindications to a state of fear is to acknowledge abundance.  The best way I know how to do this is to spot abundance in all of life:
  • notice the million blades of grass or grains of sand,
  • connect with person, place or thing that is full of life, energy and abundance,
  • notice and give gratitude for the abundance you have in your life - no matter how big or small.  

Doing so will shift your attention and focus and actually stop the fear pattern from taking hold in your consciousness.  The second powerful practice is to stimulate the natural cycle of abundance by giving.  Notice where you can give of yourself more - perhaps in time or gifts or care or heart.  Keep the flow going and by giving, you are putting yourself in a position to receive.  

Since abundance is a cycle, if you stimulate the giving, there will be an equal and opposite reaction of receiving which is the third practice - open yourself up to receive.  Many of us think we are open to receive but actually find it easier or more comfortable to be the giver.  Opening yourself up to receive could look like:
  • asking a friend or co-worker for help,
  • saying prayers and petitions,
  • letting a stranger hold the door open for you.  

It can be big or small, the energy is still the same.  Notice if the Universe is trying to send you or give you things, but in your fear, you have blocked your receptivity.

My invitation to you is to put these powerful practices in place for two weeks and notice the difference.  Doing these practices regularly will put you in the right mindset, energy and vibration to open up the natural flow of abundance!

Gabrielle Marie Loomis is a Coach, Speaker & Educator who connects women to their true power and potential.  Women who engage in Gabrielle’s programs experience personal and professional empowerment leading to radical transformation in their lives.  Results include feeling like a new woman, glowing confidence and radiating joy!  Gabrielle has mastery level training in coaching, energy psychology and human potential and loves to incorporate her natural intuitive abilities into everything she does.  She offers a variety of transformational programs, products and services which can be found at  

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