Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Save Money on Your Job Search

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The cost of job hunting adds up!  Especially as you are keen to create a great professional impression on potential employers.  But if you are unemployed or just starting out in your career then finding money for your job search can be challenging.

Here are some tips on ways to save on your job hunt!

Find a Non-Profit Career Coaching Service

If you need career coaching but don't have the cash to pay for it, it is worth finding out if there is a non-profit organization in your area providing access to volunteer Career Coaches for free or at a reduced cost.

A Career Coach can keep your job hunt focused, work on a resume with you, and provide expert advice and support that will maximize your chances of securing a job.

If you live in the Phoenix area visit Fresh Start’s website for details on how to access free Career Coaching locally.

If there are no free or reduced cost services in your area then why not approach a local Career Coach and see if they are willing to barter for their services.  Perhaps you can offer them something in return for their time?

Use the Resources At Your Local Library

Libraries have subscriptions to paid online databases, and you can use this information for free. You can also access the Internet at no cost when doing company research.

And of course there is a wealth of books available at your local library covering everything you need to know to maximize your job search.

Along with visiting your county or city library, stop by local college libraries and see if you are able to access their resources for free.

Look out For Free Courses and Workshops

Search locally to find job training and one-stop career centers that are free as funded by your local government.  These centers offer computer and Internet access, as well as photocopy services.

As well as access to computers etc. these centers may offer free or low cost training courses and workshops.  Use these courses to fill gaps in your resume and improve your chances of getting hired

Contact your state's department of labor to locate centers in your area.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Your job search will most likely include a lot of travelling, to and from interviews, to your local library for research – all this travelling adds up in cost.

So plan ahead – use one day for making phone calls, the next for visiting the library, and the next for getting out and about to research potential employers.

Planning ahead like this will allow you to plan your travel routes and save on gas or public transportation costs.

Also it makes the most of your valuable time!

Find Free Access to the Internet

In order to job search these days it is essential to have access to the Internet.  But of course having this at home can cost a lot.  So scope out free internet access in your community – check out your local library as a starter.

You can also sign up for free e-mail accounts, such as Hotmail or Google Gmail – so that employers can get in contact with you via email.  Having an email account also shows an employer that you know something about computers!

You also want to be as contactable as possible – so make sure your cell phone payments are up to date as a priority.  If money is getting really tight and you can no longer afford a cell phone try to shop around for the best deal and consider dropping extra services that you don’t need. It is essential to at least have voicemail so employers can contact you or leave a message.

Save your receipts

Whenever you spend money on your job search, save all receipts -- you may need them at tax time as they may be tax deductible.

Such fees include the cost of preparing and mailing resumes and expenses related to employee outplacement services and travel. Be sure to record your mileage for each trip, including starting and ending odometer readings.

 IRS Publication 529 explains in detail which job search expenses can be deducted from your taxes, and what the requirements are.

Good luck on your Job Search!

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