Friday, September 7, 2012

Simple Homemade

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Green living is no longer marginal. More and more everyday Janes and Joes want to make their lifestyles more environmentally responsible. They recognize the value of being good stewards, no matter their political, religious, or cultural bent.

But does that mean we need to go out and buy the latest “green” products? Not at all. Going back to the basics of life– making from scratch, paring down, getting creative and doing things ourselves– makes a bigger impact than the corporations want us to believe

Simple Homemade is where natural living meets creativity.

Simple Homemade is about sustainable and healthy living for creative people, and yes, that means you.  Creativity is not a trait. It’s a skill. You can learn to live a creative life, that’s also eco-friendly, and we’re here to help with that.

We’ll cover going green and developing a green thumb, provide tutorials on repurposing items you already own, frugal crafts that celebrate nature and responsible living, and ways to improve your health and lifestyle with real food, natural remedies and homemade products.

This is a positive, family-friendly place geared to the average home manager seeking a more natural home and lifestyle. We have no interest in piling on the guilt or preaching a hermit lifestyle.
We want to highlight the growing handmade trend.

We want to provide you with tips and tools that make it easier to be an environmentally-responsible steward.
We want to help you pursue whole-body wellness through natural and healthy means.
We want to teach you ways to use your creativity for good.

Mostly, we want to show that being eco-wise really is family-friendly and simple.

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