Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Investing in Yourself: Beauty on a Budget

By Dawn Antestenis, Fresh Start

It is so important for us to invest time in ourselves!  Keeping up our beauty regime is an important part of feeling good and building on our self esteem, so when times are tight financially how do we take care of ourselves on a budget?!

Revise Your Beauty Routine
The first thing to do is to think about what is really most important to you.  Maybe you were previously lucky enough to enjoy regular manicures, as well as a trip to the hair salon every 6 weeks, and a monthly facial.  Have a think about what are the essentials within your beauty routine.  Do you really need a regular pedicure during the winter months when your toes are tucked up inside warm boots?  Maybe you have long hair and a trip to the salon every 6 weeks can be stretched to 8 or 10 weeks?  Perhaps it’s time to consider a facial as a treat before big events such as weddings, rather than a regular part of your beauty routine?

Save $ at the Salon
Going to the salon for hair cuts and treatments can get pricey here are a few tips on saving money at the salon:
  • Look out for discounts – sometimes as a new customer there will be a percentage discount for your first visit
  • See if you get a discount at your local salon for referring new clients
  • Check out if appointments are cheaper mid week
  • Look out for local beauty and massage schools where you can receive quality discounted services from students
  • Get on your salons mailing list so you can keep on top of special deals

If there is no way to save money at the salon why not try to sourcing a hair dresser who works from home or even better will come to your home (save money on gas as well as the hair cut!!).

Make Your Own Products

Do some research online and at your local library or book store to find your favorite recipes for homemade beauty products – from soap to body moisturizer to herbal facial steam baths - there is a lot of inspiration out there to get you started saving money and feeling beautiful!

As a taster click here for a recipe for Body Butter from simplehomemade.net

And here for a homemade soap recipe from FIMBY

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